"I'm bored with this board game."

And that’s where our story begins. One night in an Aspen ski house Icebreaker Entertainment President & Founder Christi Scofield realized she was bored with traditional board games and decided to make up her own. That night, the idea for a new company was born.

What started out in 2003 as a company that created and sold one board game has become a multi-faceted consumer products and services company with products ranging from mobile apps and games to greeting cards, t-shirts, school supplies, books and much more.  Icebreaker Entertainment products have been sold in thousands of stores nationally as well as internationally including Walmart, Target, Kohl’s, Barnes & Noble, Spencer Gifts, Urban Outfitters, Homegoods and many more. 

The Icebreaker Entertainment team has extensive experience in bringing products to market, designing and manufacturing physical goods as well as developing mobile apps and websites, marketing and PR, licensing, intellectual property and business law including formations, contracts, employment and company sales.   From this experience, Icebreaker Entertainment created a small business consulting unit that helps guide entrepreneurs at any stage from launch to liquidity.

Currently the company’s growing business units include App Development, Greeting Cards, Fine Art and Business Consulting.  You can find Icebreaker Entertainment apps in the Apple Store and Google Play, Icebreakerz funny greeting cards in Target, Walmart, Safeway stores and anywhere Recycled Paper Greetings cards are sold.  Christi Scofield’s fine art is located at Arcilesi and Homberg Gallery in the Lower East Side of New York City. 



About Christi Scofield

Icebreaker Entertainment’s President & Founder, Christi created the company’s current brands and continues to be the visionary force behind their success and expansion.

Originally from St. Petersburg and Treasure Island, FL, Christi has been a New Yorker since 2000. She is a self-professed tech nerd, NYC art and history buff and prolific entertainer. Christi earned a BA in Business from Virginia Wesleyan College where she was captain of the soccer team and, go figure, her sorority's social chair.

Christi's official background is in technology sales, where she worked for over 13 years. While working as a sales manager at Tech Data, Christi earned an MBA from Florida State University. Shortly after earning her degree, Christi decided to move to New York City to continue her career in technology sales with Compaq and HP. Invigorated by the energy, competition and ingenuity of New Yorkers, Christi decided it was time to pursue her entrepreneurial dream. Icebreaker Entertainment is the perfect creation for Christi because it allows her to match her artistic and technology skills with her entrepreneurial spirit.  Christi is a self-taught artist, coder and an unofficial, “super-fun” NYC tour expert.

Christi lives on the Upper East Side with her husband Ted and their resilient plants Benjamin and Spike.  In between the painting and coding,  Christi continues to play sports, host numerous parties and take in every ounce of New York culture that she can.

About Ted Scofield


Icebreaker Entertainment's Chief Operations Officer & General Counsel Ted Scofield joined the team soon after its inception. Part lawyer, part businessman, part writer and part Southern gentleman schmoozer, Ted helped Christi wrap a strong business plan around her board game concept, and helped finalize the game and guide it through its successful launch.

Ted continues to lead the company’s legal and operations teams and despite being one of those lawyer people, is really an awesome social media guru.  Ted began his career as an entrepreneurial political consultant and now practices corporate and securities law, specializingin helping small businesses. He is always happy to help other entrepreneurs as you can see by his small business law site.

Ted is a three-time graduate of Vanderbilt University, earning his JD and MBA concurrently and a BA in history. He is licensed to practice law in the State of New York. In addition to Ted’s legal and business acumen, he is also a fantastic writer.  His first novel Eat What You Kill was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2014 and has been optioned for a movie in which the whole Icebreaker team expects to have a cameo and participate daily in craft services (no pressure Ted.)  Ted’s latest writing venture is a thought provoking non-fiction series soon to be a book called Everyone Else’s Biggest Problem.


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