Christi Scofield is a contemporary artist based in New York City.  She is known for her unique mixed media works showcasing iconic New York locations as well as philosophical, theological & inspirational messages.


I create mixed-media works on canvas celebrating topics like gratitude and spirituality by day and I design mobile apps, school supplies and edgy greeting cards by night.   My “day job” history has involved creating digital art for mass-market consumer products whose meaning must be understood in half a second.  My fine art allows me to slow down, focus, and paradoxically explore more broadly issues of philosophy, spirituality and communication with unique symbolism that challenges the viewer and fosters conversation.  I am also an enthusiastic New Yorker and my most recent series, featured in my first solo show, depicted iconic NYC locations and the indelible spirit of the space on which they stand.  

My current series are: Gratitude, Pop Up Theology, Just My Type and the NYC break-out, Cocktails & Curiosities.

I tend to work in a vibrant mixed media style for multiple reasons.  It is the ideal way to take advantage of my extensive skills in digital arts.  I develop each of my studies electronically and determine my colors and composition there before putting brush to canvas.  Inspired by artists like Lichtenstein, Wesselmann and Britto, I also utilize positive pop art elements because my work is meant to uplift, encourage and inspire.  My goal is for you to leave each of the viewing experiences with a vibe of joy and even better, the idea to pay that joy forward.